The Romantic Rebel – Chains And Why We Love Them

romantic rebel - chains and why we love them

We’ve all experienced it – the defiant pose, the determined walk, the unyielding resolve to have things our way; powerful women strutting the streets, showcasing their relentless pursuit of freedom and expression. This is heavy metal. This is rebellion.

A lot of us grow out of the need to chase after individuality. For some there is a simple pleasure in settling down into the grooves carved for us by society. But for others, the normal and the mundane will never be enough. This is heavy metal.

As with all massive artistic movements, the essential visual aesthetic of heavy metal is both simple and striking. It speaks of strength and connections – strength of character and the connection we have with others who share our love for independence. The image most easily associated with the movement is, of course, the chain. The chain is versatile, it can be fun yet serious, subtle yet remarkable, and regardless of the hundreds of styles of chains which have existed since the time that first link merged with the next, the chain by itself is in its own right an icon of fashion and style.


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The true beauty of the chain is its versatility. It can be stacked, draped, wrapped, coupled with pendants, charms or bells, or simply worn by itself. It is this versatility which speaks to us, its wearers. Not only does it reflect the wearer’s own freedom of mind and expression, but it dares others to be different, to challenge the norm and to step out of the comfort zone.

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Chains also have the ability to be extremely feminine while still radiating an air of authority and strength. In fact, few other jewellery styles frame the natural downward line moving from a woman’s throat down to her navel as elegantly as a simple layer of chains. Perhaps we still associate chains with power because of the mental residue left by warrior queens dressed in chain mail on the battle field – they were both beautiful and dangerous. Its romanticism is connected to its history. Wearing chains pays homage to these ancestral fighters while still being stylish and subtle.

Are you a romantic rebel in your own right?

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