The Art of Layering

Do you love the layered look as much as we do?

New jewellery trends are constantly emerging from dynamic collections on the runways of NYC, Milan, Paris and London.

We’ve focused on the key trend of layering here to inspire your inner warrior princess. Our Heavy Metal collection in particular works beautifully when draped in graduated waves.

In fact functionality and versatility are key to the New Romantic designs.  Our pieces are designed to work together effortlessly to create a contemporary, glamorous style.

Of course the beauty of jewellery is that the traditional rules don’t always apply. Jewellery is now a fashion statement in itself and should be a key element of your overall look.

Layering pieces is a great way to embellish a simple outfit, this can be done with multiple necklaces, bracelets or why not both. Building layers of the same shimmering metal adds a level of drama and impact that isn’t always possible in isolation.

Don’t be afraid to use your jewellery in non-conventional ways, wrap a necklace around your wrist for a heavier bracelet effect for example.Of course your jewellery layers don’t have to be made from the same style chain, mixing elements adds interest and shows uniqueness.

Niamh Patten, expert jewellery designer and owner of New Romantic explains about her own style – “I wear jewellery in my own way and I think that’s the only way to do it. I throw various bracelets on with my watch, I mix gold and silver, I mix everything really. It’s a very confident way to wear jewellery and there really are no rules”.

So be daring and drape several varying chains to attract the light in different ways. Layering can enhance that sparkle dramatically. Also mixing short and long necklaces can give attitude to a simple dress or block coloured outfit. Layering like this will instantly bring a delicate jewellery piece from a “day look” to a “night look”.

Above all have fun with it. There are no rules when it comes to your individuality.

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Get ready to shine!

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