New Romantic Launches Jewellery Collection

New Romantic was founded by Niamh Patten and JulieAnn Fearon in 2016. Inspired by her love for simple beauty, Niamh Patten, Jewellery Designer, has a very personal design philosophy – “I create what I like to wear and what I think the strong, confident women of today would like to wear.”

With over two decades of experience Niamh is extremely excited to be bringing New Romantic to the jewellery market. An inspired set of elements which tell a story through each unique piece. Her designs, which range across three core collections – Heavy Metal, Earth Angel and Privé, exude refined sophistication and edgy elegance.

New Romantic Jewellery seeks to bring you a range of defining designs which celebrate the strength and creativity of the women they were made for. Crafted using natural and unique embellishments – each piece is a love affair simply waiting to begin.

All of the metals and stones used to create these stunning collections are ethically sourced and manufactured in Italy and Greece. The craft of jewellery making is passed down from generation to generation in Italy where the majority of the pieces are made. This integrity and commitment to quality is at the very heart of New Romantic.


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