About Us

Every piece of jewellery is a reflection of our identity – a strong female identity that keeps evolving along with our designs.”

Just like the uniqueness of a gem, no two women are the same, and that certainly rings true for New Romantic founders Niamh Patten and JuileAnn Fearon.

In 2016 this dynamic pairing set about creating a jewellery brand that represented everything they admire about women’s multi-faceted personalities. And by June 2017, New Romantic had opened the doors to its first retail store on Drury Street, Dublin 2.


Inspired by her love for simple beauty, Niamh Patten, Jewellery Designer, has a very personal design philosophy

“I create what I like to wear and what I think the strong, confident women of today would like to wear”.

With over two decades of experience Niamh is extremely excited to be bringing New Romantic to the jewellery market. An inspired set of elements which tell a story through each unique piece. Her designs exude refined sophistication and edgy elegance. Above all Niamh is an intuitive designer; she has an instinctive sense of what materials will work together to create a range of styles for women who aren’t afraid to stand out.

JulieAnn Fearon is a passionate and determined businesswoman. She is the ying to Niamh’s yang you might say. Inspired by the different cultures and languages of the world, JulieAnn has brought her experience with a number of entrepreneures, both on her homeshores of Ireland and also in China. JulieAnn was enchanted by Niamh’s vision for New Romantic and their decision to collaborate stemmed from a shared desire to celebrate both the small victories and big successes of all women.

Both Niamh and JulieAnn are truly passionate about bringing back that personal touch which nurtures their relationship with their customers. Something that has been lost amidst a flurry of over commercialised brands and soulless mass marketing. With New Romantic, the customer is at the very heart of what we do, they are what inspire us and our collections.

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